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Together, we can create a lasting, profound change in your life…

Let’s connect and allow the universe to guide us to your highest and best path for your soul.  Once we decide which action to take to continue your journey here on Earth as a more joyous, balanced, and empowered being, I will take the role of the facilitator. Your job is to be willing to open, accept and embrace change in your life.

What I truly believe, from my mentor~ “Whatever you do in life can be enhanced by hypnosis. If people knew the awesome power of their subconscious mind, and its ability to effect positive change without any conscious effort on their part, they would be truly amazed.” Dr. Allen Chips, DCH, PhD

My Services

With self-healing hypnosis, mentoring and quantum healing; your body, mind and soul awakens.  The services offered are not cookie-cutter techniques, they are personalized for you. It’s about you and your choices for growth on your journey in life.  

There are many different services and packages offered; the initial consult/reading allows us together with the universe, your higher self or whatever you call “it”  to pinpoint what’s best for your path. My role is the facilitator, a channel of spirit, a coach and mentor. Your job is to be willing to open, accept and embrace change and healing in your life.

Whether it’s one service you are looking for or a package of services for your journey, you choose. You are the co-creator of your life! 

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“Transpersonal Power can be found in everyone. It is based on empathy, detachment, and going beyond ego to find your deeper Identity.” Deepak Chopra

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