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Linda’s Upcoming Events

Linda teaches classes on a variety of subjects including Psychic Development, Numerology, Spiritual Transformation, AMP up your intuition with Crystals and Stones class, Kids Intuitive Development series, Star children, Medical Intuition, and others. Her classes are informative, and interactive as well.

She also facilitates groups of like minds such as Free Energy Exchange for practitioners, Conversations (an open discussion like minds group), Women of the World, and Empowered Women, amongst others.

 Group Hypnosis is offered to the public once a month on a variety of subjects from stress to self-worth, weight management and others.

“I believe in spreading the light, light and knowledge of new consciousness to people at an affordable price. I try to keep the cost of classes reasonable, and offer scholarships when needed.” Linda

“Linda’s classes provide an excellent avenue for spiritual growth and personal development in the areas of self-discovery, enlightenment and higher learning.” LT

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Certification


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