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Soul Readings

What is a Soul Reading? Is it for me?

Giving evidential messages, of things that only you know personally, Intuitive Soul Readings are channeled through Linda, a Delphi certified medium, as she connects you with your higher self, loved ones who have passed over, guides, angels and spirit. Observing your soul path, and “seeing” the stumbling blocks, the change of perspective that perhaps blocks your way in life.

I find that by holding a person’s hand in between mine, I can see many things about your soul, about your body, about your mind. About your path. Depending on time allowed, I will funnel the information down, or prompt you to ask questions, and give feedback, so the information given is what you need and ask for. One of my specialties is being able to pinpoint a specific age that you had a huge change in perspective of the world, of the wounded child inside; this helps you to focus on what needs healing to move on in life.
Loved ones who have passed recognize my ability to channel messages to you- they will give me specific memories of them or situations that are happening currently, so that you have no doubt that I am communicating with them. Their personality tends to come out, I may talk, use phases like them or call you nicknames they had for you.” ~ Linda


“I got into metaphysics as a skeptic with a point to prove, and have only met a few people in years of searching that I’d ever bother to speak with more than once – Linda is one of them. Her readings have hit the nail on the head every time, and she finds a way to deliver what you need to hear with compassion” J.R.

“Linda, You were so right on last night!  In fact, – prior to me getting there, – I was hopeful you’d channel my Dear Dad!  My husband, Tom and I do live in an apartment above a restaurant in Mooresville, – and I, too, love looking out the windows at the people down below…just like I now know Dad does!!!  I do re-call he used the term ‘big wigs’, – so I had to laugh inside, while I was tearful outside, just thinking about him!  I’ve been at such a loss the past year, – so your comments have given me hope for positive change in my life!  You do wonderful work.  I am so glad to know you.”  Warm hugs, TBK

“Linda has amazing abilities to connect with departed loved ones.  After losing my son, Linda was able to connect with him and experience his playful and loving spirit which was a comfort to me and was right on target for the help and direction I needed. It is refreshing to spend time with her while she brings the necessary insight to help with awareness of situations. With her compassion and love I can always count on her to be straightforward which is a huge benefit to me.  Thank you Linda!”  – D. Rene D.

Soul readings are offered in the following increments/fees:

  • 15 minute sessions: Psychic Fairs and Expos only. $25- $30
  • 30 minute sessions: $70
  • 60 minute sessions: $120

*Linda is available for private house parties: Minimum of 3 hours/$300 (6 – ½ hr sessions or 3 – 1 hr. sessions) larger parties based on travel time and number of readings.

The best way to schedule is online (Wilmington location only), or by phone: 1-855-772-0459. When scheduling by phone, please indicate Wilmington or Charlotte or phone, and daytime or evening preference. Some Saturdays available by request.

Linda is located at:

  • 4320 Wrightsville Ave Wilmington, NC 28403
  • 855-772-0459
  •  Email Linda

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“Transpersonal Power can be found in everyone. It is based on empathy, detachment, and going beyond ego to find your deeper Identity.” Deepak Chopra

My Services

With intuitive soul consultations, self-healing hypnosis, mentoring and quantum healing; your body, mind and soul awakens.  The services offered are not cookie-cutter techniques, they are personalized for you. It’s about you and your choices for growth on your journey in life.  

There are many different services and packages offered; the initial consult/reading allows us together with spirit to pinpoint what’s best for your soul path. My role is the facilitator, a channel of spirit, a coach and mentor. Your job is to be willing to open, accept and embrace change and healing in your life.

Whether it’s one service you are looking for or a package of services for your journey, you choose. You are the master of your life! 

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