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Spiritual Mentoring

Ready to dive deeper in your spiritual capabilites?

The spiritual mentoring programs are individualized for the person who is ready to delve deeper into their capabilities as a spiritual being and a human being. Learning how to be balanced as a spiritual being in a physical realm, living as above, as below. Honing in on what you DO know, deep down in your soul, and bringing that forth into your life. 

In these private sessions, I facilitate and guide you into your own self-discovery of who you REALLY are. As a certified life coach, intuit, and non-denominational ordained Minister, I combine my skills to help you in this process of awakening. 

The difference in my mentoring is that you choose the amount of content, time, effort and money that you put into your mentoring. There is no contact, no upfront monies, unless you choose that to give you incentive. I trust in the universe that our time together is exactly what is divinely needed for you.

Manifestation Coaching is also available for couples and business ventures.

“These meetings are amazing. I have found a place to grow. Linda offered me the chance for  mentoring sessions.  I have grown so much with my intuition and my abilities with her help. She gives me directions, courage and strength  to open up and reach my potential.  I look forward to continuing my sessions!” – P.V.


  • $100 per hour- standard session 1 hour
  • $180 for two 1 hour sessions per month

The best way to schedule is online (Wilmington location only), or by phone: 1-855-772-0459. When scheduling by phone, please indicate Wilmington or Charlotte or phone, and daytime or evening preference. Some Saturdays available by request.

Linda is located at:

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“Transpersonal Power can be found in everyone. It is based on empathy, detachment, and going beyond ego to find your deeper Identity.” Deepak Chopra

My Services

With intuitive soul consultations, self-healing hypnosis, spiritual mentoring and quantum healing; your body, mind and soul awakens.  The services offered are not cookie-cutter techniques, they are personalized for you. It’s about you and your choices for growth on your journey in life.  

There are many different services and packages offered; the initial consult/reading allows us together with spirit to pinpoint what’s best for your soul path. My role is the facilitator, a channel of spirit, a coach and mentor. Your job is to be willing to open, accept and embrace change and healing in your life.

Whether it’s one service you are looking for or a package of services for your journey, you choose. You are the master of your life! 

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